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art & interiors

Artep is a multidisciplinary art & design studio based in Cape Town, under creative direction of Petra Maierhofer.

The body of work embraces a wide range of designs that prioritises simplicity in appearance and a deep appreciation for premium materials, along with traditional artisanal and handcrafted methods. The unique identity and creative vision are evident in custom-made pieces.


Decoritive Plaster Art - Artep Studio - South African Artist
Metal Wall Art | Artep Studio | South Africa

It’s more than
décor, it’s a lifestyle.

Bold to minimalistic - our design language is intentionally universal and unique.


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Great design and great relationships come from collaboration. We take pride in working closely with our clients to design something beautiful together.


At Artep Studio we create installation artwork custom designed for your specific project. We combine various styles and use dramatic scale changes to offer new interpretations of classic designs as well as new renditions from urban culture


Art being created in workshop - Artep Studio - Cape Town South Africa

Distinctive, Compelling
& Pure Raw Luxury

Every design aims to convey a fundamental message through its sleek and refined silhouette, emphasising the natural beauty of materials and a harmonious presence within the space it occupies. The outcome is a thought-provoking blend of modern design and the expression of a truly individual experience.



Bespoke Wall Art & Interiors - Artep Studio - Cape Town


We cooperate with homeowners, interior designers, architects and hospitality industry.

Transforming your home or corporate environment is very simple:  either choose from one of our existing designs, send us your ideas, or let us assist with a visual concept based on photos of your space. 


Collectible Art - Gilded  | Artep Studio | Cape Town - South Africa

Collectible Art - Gilded

60 x 20 x 15cm

Sculpture liquid metal bronze patinated 

Collectible Art - Reverie  | Artep Studio | Cape Town - South Africa

Collectible Art - Reverie

170 x 185 x 7cm

Wall Sculpture liquid metal gold bronze patinated

Collectible Art - Eternal | Artep Studio | Cape Town - South Africa

Collectible Art - Eternal

120 x 40 x 36cm




"Finding Petra’s work via Instagram was a fortuitous match to complete my Clifton project. Palatial Dunes exceeded my expectations. Petra was open and inclusive, and although I gave a loose brief, giving an artist freedom to create, did not disappoint.  On time, and on budget an additional joy.  Can’t wait to work with you again.  Thank you Artep Studio."


- Karen Stanek, KS Design 

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