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Wooden Art - Artep Studio - South Africa

authentic and versatile

Behind the Brand

Artep Studio was established in 2020 by Austrian born Designer and Creative Director Petra Maierhofer. Her studio approaches each project by observing and investigating the cultural context of a space to understand its intrinsic character and materiality. Regardless of the scale of the project, there is an attention to detail in the delivery of a design concept, driven by personal commitment to Petra’s professional practice.


The intention is to explore innovative paths by balancing contrasts such as classic and modern, industrial and organic, sculptural and simple, shading and light.

The studio’s intuitive approach embodies designs that are uniquely influenced by elements found in architecture, practical needs, and a genuine curiosity in human behavior. It is a concept and conviction in a slow aesthetic centered on quality, sustainability, and durability.


Behind the Brand
We are artep. we have a passion  for creativity.

We are not limited to using our designs for wall art only. 

Wooden Wall Panels - Artep Studio

Functional Art 

Functional art in interior design combines practicality and artistic expression, transforming everyday objects into visually appealing and useful pieces that enhance the aesthetic value of a space.


These pieces can range from sculptural furniture with unique forms and materials that create dramatic visual effects, to extraordinary mirrors, decorative wall panels, headboards, or room dividers incorporating artistic patterns, or textures.


 A NOTE FROM PETRA, the creative mind behind the tools 

“My roots for home decor run deep: I started decorating and rearranging furniture at an early age in our family home in Austria. Being a very hands-on person, choosing to become a decorator was a given. After many years of experience in the fashion industry and interior design, starting my own art & interior company was the next step.
The name “ARTEP” is my first name backwards and was a nickname given to me by my brother when we were kids. My family and our dogs are the most important part of my life. That’s what inspires me in creating beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that can be used - and loved - for generations.” 

Our Projects

A selection of some of our favourite projects. 

Our Projects

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