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Wall Art Importance in Interior Design - Artep Studio - Johannesburg

Elevated but
casual to the core.

Our portfolio incorporates modern, eco-friendly materials that possess a divine touch and exquisite craftsmanship. We delve into the interplay between art forms and their ability to enhance the play of light in a given area, resulting in a more enriched interior experience. The achieved tactile and luminescent characteristics are subtly captivating yet undeniably influential.

Design Styles

All artwork is entirely handmade and customised in different colours, dimensions and sealed for authenticity.

Eco-friendly Art | Artep Studio | Wall Art South Africa

A dialogue between space, volume and light

Each piece is unique, the result of a constant balance between art, craft, and design, with a story to tell.


"We absolutely love our serving board! It is a beautiful piece that fits in well with our home and is great for entertaining. It is obvious a lot of love and attention to detail went into skilfully handmade art. Thank you, Petra! "
- Ralf und Jennifer, Germany
Sculpted Art - South Africa - Artep Studio
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